Aside from being an Oscar winner, Billy Bob Thornton’s been working in the movie biz consistently and has a name that’s widely recognized. A notable trait that not all cinematic old-timers have. He’s been in it all: Armageddon, kid’s TV show “CatDog,” The Alam as Davy Crockett, and “Hearts Afire” as an interestingly named character called Billy Bob Davis. Would’ve just went in as “himself.” Billy Bob is currently involved in a crime series titled “Fargo,” alongside Martin Freeman (Bilbo Baggins in all three new Hobbit films). He’s also involved in four other films, two of which are presently filming and the remainder are in post-production.

All of this cheddar (may partially include money reeled in from former home with Angelina Jolie) that Thornton’s been getting enabled him to purchase a 3,604 sq ft residency for $2.7 million flat in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles, California. And man, is it a beaut. It’s two stories of homey-ness, yet caters to the rich. Bob’s gated 5 bed and 4 bath floor plan has much to offer; amount of fireplaces that almost equal to the numer of fingers you have on one hand, balcony views of the surrounding area, casual/romantic dining, kitchen w/ stainless steel appliances (includes restaurant-style cooking vent) and range, pool, large patio area, BBQ area, and more! Thornton did very well here.

Address: Unknown