They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery—but maybe there’s an exception to every rule?

Aubrey PlazaAnd Jennifer CoolidgeThe highly anticipated second season of the series will feature co-starring. The White LotusCelebHomes News will premiere the new series titled ‘The Prime Time Showcase, October 2008 on HBO. The rundown asked Aubrey to pay homage to the Emmy-nominated actress with an impression. 

Aubrey had squinted, pursed lips and a weak voice. Then, Aubrey managed to murmur something almost incoherent, before the big finale that featured “White Lotus.”

It’s not the thought that matters!

The second season will be the most exciting. The White Lotus, Aubrey remained mostly tight-lipped—but did manage to spill some enticing details.

“Season 2 is very different to season 1.” “It’s being set in Italy so the writing sort of reflects the Italian culture,” she explained. It’s intense and there are high stakes. It will feel like nothing is different, I believe. White LotusIt’s the same thing, just with a different twist.

We love twists!