Angela Yee Is it moving on The Breakfast Club

After posting a cryptic tweet on Aug. 9, saying, “The breakfast club as you know it is officially over,” the radio host, 46, confirmed that she is leaving the hit morning show to focus on other endeavors, including her own show, Angela Yee is Way Up.

Her words were: “This is so exciting.” Breakfast Club co-hostsCharlamagne the God and DJ Envy Aug. 10. “This is something that I’ve been waiting to do for years now, way before the pandemic. I had actually sat down with our big boss …And I was telling her, like, ‘Look, I really wanna have my own show.’ It’s my podcast. Lip Service“I was thinking that I might be able find something comparable to a weekend show and eventually have my own show again.”

Angela pointed out that iHeart had approached Angela “years” later and promised to make her a national syndicated program.