“When you get publicly humiliated this way—I felt so out of control and powerless,” she told the publication. The feeling of empowerment that came from walking away, knowing that my worth is unquestioned and the person who didn’t want anything in return was very satisfying. My life felt complete and I felt that it was the end of a long chapter.
The 18-year old added, “Ultimately, I want to help young girls and young adults out there know that my experiences have been just as painful.” It’s not easy to sell skin-care products. [who is] Stranger Things. “I have absolutely made incorrect decisions.”

In July 2021, Hunter posted Instagram Live footage, in which he could be seen laughing in response to photos that appeared to be taken of the pair when, per reports at the time, Millie was 16 and Hunter was 20. Before his Instagram account was closed, Hunter also referred to himself as a “groomer” through videos shared on social media.