Beverly Hills has too much glamour!

CelebHomes News was interviewed Crystal Kung MinkoffAt Tessa HiltonThe Malibu baby shower was held earlier in the week. When she ran into an old friend of hers, Bling EmpireStar Christine Chiu, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member couldn’t help but admit that Christine would make an “awesome” addition to the Bravo series (fun fact, she actually almost joined the show in season four).

“It’s whatever she wants,” Crystal said during the exclusive chat. “If she wants to come onThen I want her on!”

Crystal’s co-stars might even feel the same way, as Crystal isn’t the only diamond-holder who Christine’s familiar with. In fact, as the Netflix reality star told CelebHomes, “I knew Sutton [Stracke]I met her before any of them. “I met her on the very first day that she arrived in LA.” 

Crystal said that Crystal has “more stories” about her cast than she does.

However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t good stories. Crystal said that she has shared many stories with her, but “I’m polite and don’t share any private information, unlike other cast members.”