It’s Mother’s DayThis means that moms, and all maternal figures, are getting sweet gift ideas from their loved ones, as well as homemade breakfasts.

We must not forget the mothers of television. That’s right. We’re taking a moment to celebrate the TV matriarchs that helped show us what care, compassion and courage look like. 

It doesn’t matter if it is Linda Belcher who has always been supportive Bob’s Burgers or the straight-shooting Beth Pearson on This is UsWe’ve found that our little screens have allowed us to channel some of our mom-energy. These TV characters have taught us some important life lessons.

Here’s an example. We have never forgotten this Lorelai Gilmore quote Gilmore GirlsYou must sleep. It’s the only way to keep you looking good.

We’re all for napping!

Moira rose had moments, too Schitt’s Creek, having uttered in one episode, “Gossip is the devil’s telephone. It’s best to hang up.