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Happy Mother’s Day Shanina Shaik! The supermodel has a baby on the way with her boyfriend Matthew Adesuyan. Exclusive CelebHomes News interview, the Model Squad alum shared, “I am really happy to share this with everybody. Everyone in our family is surprised at how long it has taken to share this secret. 

Her explanation was, “We have a unique way of communicating with people. We’ve been very busy.” We have been separated for much of the first trimester. Because I have been travelling a lot, we had to inform some of our close family members individually. While we’re both here in LA, we plan to share our news with some close friends.

After that, Shanina will host an Amazon Live sessional to share additional details about her pregnancy journey on May 9, 2022, at 1 PM ET. Shanina stated, “Amazon Live is so intimate, it’s a very authentic, and comfortable space. It’s also in real time, which I prefer to see than something previously recorded.