Want extra living space or need to boost your curb appeal? Creating or remodeling a deck is a great way to add value to your home.

Plus, if you’re staying at home and can’t take your exercise routine further afield, a deck makes a great outdoor space for your daily workout or playing with your favorite fur baby.

Wondering how to do your own deck remodel? Read on to find out.

1. Do You Need a Deck Remodel or Repairs?

Your first step is to decide if your existing deck needs to be repaired or replaced.

Check for any obvious damage like nails sticking out or rust around the fasteners between the deck and house. 

Look at the deck where it makes contact with the ground. Are the boards and posts in good condition? Are they loose if you jiggle them?

Press the tip of a screwdriver into the wood. If you feel any give, the wood could be rotting. Rot means a replacement in your remodel, not just repairs.

If you’re only repairing the deck, clean it with a deck cleaner. Adding a stain afterward helps to protect wooden decks from future damage. You should do this process on an annual basis.

Want to replace the decking? Read section #2. Otherwise, skip to section #3.

2. Choose Your Deck Materials

Before you can complete your deck remodel, choose the materials for your new deck.

Consider the type of weather you get in your area and choose materials that suit those conditions.

Wood might be a better choice in certain climates. In rainy or wet locations, polymer is a better choice because it withstands water better than wood.

Think about the long-term cost of replacing decking boards. You may need wood deck maintenance more often, so this can become a recurring cost.

3. Think About Lighting

You can do a deck remodel simply by adding or changing your lighting on your existing deck. If you’re replacing your decking boards, finish off the new look with the right lighting.

Built-in lighting can help turn the deck into an extra outdoor room if the climate allows it. String lighting creates more of an elegant, fairy-like feel.

Lanterns are a bold choice, while up-lighters can also make a good design statement.

4. Decide on Extra Features

Putting furniture out on your deck? Choose items designed to be used outdoors. As with the decking, consider the materials they’re made of and how well they suit your weather.

You might want to add a fire pit, a grill, or even a hot tub. Some people add decorative containers or planters so they can enjoy greenery out on their deck.

This option works well if you want to enjoy nature, but you don’t want the upkeep of a garden. Good home remodeling contractors will discuss all these options with you.

Now You Know How to Remodel Your Deck

Follow these steps to determine if you need a full deck remodel or more cosmetic additions. Only you can decide what is best for your home.

If you’re remodeling your deck before you sell your home, choose neutral materials to appeal to buyers. Otherwise, select materials that resonate with you and will make your deck a joyful place to be.

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