A-List Celebrities and Their Superyachts

The luxury yacht and superyacht classes are not exclusively for Arab Sheikhs and European billionaires, as the Hollywood in-crowd also know how to party on water, and in this article, we will be giving you an insight into the luxurious world of life aboard a Hollywood superstar’s superyacht.

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  • Eric Clapton – A highly successful musician, Eric Clapton owns a 47m yacht by the name of Va Bene, and as you would expect from Eric, the design is open plan and very spacious. The vessel can accommodate 13 guests and has a crew of 12 skilled people, who work throughout the year, maintaining this very special yacht.
  • Steven Spielberg – With a passion for sailing, this award-winning film director spends his free time sailing the seas in his 86m vessel, Seven Seas by Oceanco that has a swimming pool, a movie theatre (of course) and everything is designed to combine style with comfort. Steven often invites a few of his Hollywood circle for a short cruise in the Caribbean or Costa Rica, and as you can imagine, no expense was spared when this amazing superyacht was built.
  • Bono – The leader of U2, Bono has really splashed out on an adorable 49m superyacht which he calls Cyan, and this amazing vessel can accommodate 12 guests with 6 cabins, a nice pool and a spa. You can actually rent this superyacht and if you’re a fan of Bono, you can’t get much closer than staying on his private yacht. There is affordable yacht charter in Hong Kong if Bono’s rates are too high, and they have a range of top-rated vessels for rent to suit your timeline.
  • Johnny Depp – The Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp owns Amphitirite, a sleek and old fashioned looking 156ft superyacht in which Depp loves to sail. Rather than a helipad or jet ski, he prefers to have the vessel old school style, perhaps due to the influence of his pirate role. No one can ever accuse this movie star of leading a dull life, as Johnny is often in the headlines for one reason or another, and he has likely invited his leading ladies for a sail in the Caribbean.
  • Tiger Woods – The golfing superstar owns a $25m superyacht called Privacy, which had been a gift to his ex-wife on their wedding, and as she can no longer afford the very high upkeep costs, she returned the yacht to Tiger. The 164ft cruise yacht has 50inch plasma TVs that emerge in the cabins for the ultimate in movie viewing, plus there are many added features that this very successful golfer has added.
  • Nicole Kidman – One of the most successful actresses in the world, Nicole obviously has a passion for sailing as she invested heavily in Houkalani, a sleek superyacht with an almost $200m price tag. Rumour has it that you can charter this amazing yacht, providing your times don’t clash with hers, and who knows? She might also throw in a signed photo or two.

If you would like to take a cruise on a superyacht, there are specialist charter firms that can make your dreams come true, and with a large fleet of small, medium and large yachts, the choice is yours.