Deciding where to put the tv is a huge design dilemma. It’s not always easy to incorporate this large object into your decor.

You want a prominent spot for the most comfortable view. But it has to look good too. If tv placement has you stumped, not to worry. We’ll walk you through it with these simple tips.

TV Placement 101

Choosing the best place for tv marathons takes careful planning. Whether you’re rearranging your space or buying a new tv, consider these factors.

The Practical Details

You have the perfect spot. But can you install your tv there?

Check for a power source to make sure there are enough plugs for all your media units. If you’re dreaming of a home theater, this might include a DVD player, satellite receiver, and surround sound. You’ll need a few outlets, as well as plenty of storage. Be sure to consult a professional for help with installation. (Click here to find out more.) 

Don’t forget about your floor plan. Be mindful of glare or the sun shining brightly into your eyes. You’ll you want to avoid a tv in front of windows, or facing them. Have an open-concept space? Choose a place that offers unobstructed views from multiple angles and rooms.

What’s the Right Height?

Hanging your tv above the mantel is on-trend. But many designers argue this spot is too high. The ideal height is eye level when you’re sitting down. That’s about four feet off the ground.

If you do go with the mantel, consider a mount that tilts the tv forward to prevent neck strain. Or better yet, opt for one that brings it down to the perfect height.

Where is Your Focal Point?

Your tv shouldn’t compete with art, an architectural window, or a beautiful fireplace. Avoid placing it beside your focal point. Instead, choose a spot that’s adjacent or opposite to these features.  

Want to make your tv the focal point? Arrange your furniture around it and include complementing decor. (More on that in a minute.)

Go Under Cover

Concealing your tv is easy with the help of the right piece of furniture. No matter your style, there are ornate armoires or sleek cabinets to match. You can even hide a tv that’s mounted. Panels on hinges fold into place and blend right in with your wall.

Style It

Don’t want to hide your tv away? Treat it like a piece of decor. Place it on an open shelf, and layer in books and sculptures. Or add it to a gallery wall. Try framing your tv, so it blends in with your other photos and art.

TVs Can Be Beautiful

As you can see, there are many options for great tv placement. It’s possible to have a functional room that doesn’t sacrifice style.

After you’ve set up your tv room, it’s time to tackle the rest of the house. Come back and visit us for more home improvement tricks and tips.