9 Ways A Letting Agent Can Reduce Landlord Stress

Being a landlord can be incredibly fulfilling and financially rewarding, but without help from Aston Beaumont Lettings Agents, it can also be exceptionally stressful. 

There are many challenges faced by landlords across the UK, and without the time, expertise and experience to deal with them all effectively, they can make life hard for both you and your tenants. From vetting tenants to managing property inspections and responding to emergency calls, landlords typically have their hands full, but hiring a letting agent can make all of those worries a thing of the past. 

Here are 9 ways lettings agency services can significantly reduce landlord stress:

  1. Finding you tenants, fast

Without tenants, you’re not a landlord, right? But finding them can be hard, With the help of a letting agent, who will advertise your property widely across all appropriate channels, you’ll never struggle to find tenants and can keep the rent rolling in, month after month. 

  1. Finding the best tenants

Not only will a letting agent find you tenants quickly, but they’ll also take the time to ensure that they’re reliable and responsible.

  1. Rental fee guidance

It can be hard to know what the right amount of rent is to charge tenants, but with expert guidance from letting agents who understand the local market and won’t inflate prices for their own gain, you can set the right price for your rental property. 

  1. Arranging the tenancy agreement

Tenancy agreements must follow certain set standards, and with a letting agent’s help, you can make sure your agreements are legally compliant and appropriate. 

  1. Maintaining safety compliance

All landlords must carry out regular checks on gas and electrical appliances, and water systems, and there are legal obligations to install smoke alarms, too. This can be stressful for landlords, especially as there are often serious consequences for failing to maintain legal safety standards, and having a letting agent take care of this, relieves landlords of the burden of compliance. 

  1. Getting things fixed and renovated

Whether your property needs to be renovated before tenants can move in, or there are repairs that need to be carried out during or in between a tenancy, a letting agent will work closely with a team of reliable tradespeople, to ensure all repairs or renovations are carried out successfully, and at the best price. 

  1. Helping tenants move in

If you don’t live near your rental property, showing tenants around their new home and explaining how things work, can be inconvenient or impossible. Letting agents, however, can be there with the tenants on the day and will check that the entire process goes smoothly.

  1. Looking after your best interests

While the property may not belong to them, a responsible letting agency will care for your rental property as if it was their own, and will carry out regular inspections, including a photographic inventory, to check everything is in order.

  1. Taking care of emergencies

From lock-outs to burst pipes, an emergency can be incredibly stressful for both tenants and landlord, but by signing up with a lettings agency, you can leave all emergency call-outs and repairs to them. 

It can be easy to assume that by not using the services of a lettings agent, landlords can save themselves some money, but as you can see from the list above, their services can actually prove invaluable, in terms of both time, money and stress reduction.