Helping to keep the planet clean is equally as important as keeping our homes clean, and with a few smart tips, there are easy ways for you to do both.

With the following 4 tips that you can follow with your house cleaning, you can ensure that your home is a healthy environment for everyone in the family, that you save money on your utility bills, and also save energy that helps to protect the planet in the long term:

  • Tip number 1

Use and clean your ceiling fan

When the weather is warm but not hot enough to require air conditioning, you should use your ceiling fan as much as possible. Using a lot less energy but still helping to cool a space down, ceiling fans are a great addition to any home, provided you clean them regularly. Always have your fan rotating in a counter clockwise direction to push the cool air down, and dust it frequently to keep it working efficiently and prevent dust from being dissipated throughout your home.

  • Tip number 2

Dust lightbulbs and other electronic devices

You might not think dusting your electronic items to be that important, but did you know that dust can actually prevent them from performing at their best? Unplug electronic devices, including lightbulbs, and make sure that they’re cool enough to touch before dusting them with a microfiber cloth. For the ultimate in energy and planet saving electronic fixtures, swap to LED or CFLs.

  • Tip number 3

Clean your refrigerator

Okay, it’s a horrible job, especially if you live in a busy home with a lot of food items stored inside it, but cleaning out the refrigerator on a regular basis can help it work more efficiently. For instance, did you know that by keeping your fridge 2/3rds full, you can promote better circulation and help your fridge perform at its best? Get rid of any old food that’s past its sell by date, and clean up spillages to prevent bacteria from building up.

You should also dust the coils found at the back of the fridge’s exterior to prevent it from having to work twice as hard to maintain a cool temperature.

  • Tip number 4

Carry out maintenance on your HVAC

If you use your HVAC system a lot, it will inevitably become dirty quickly, and dust, dander and other debris will likely build up on and in the vents, preventing it from working as efficiently, and possibly causing a spike in your energy bills. Wipe the vents down every month or so with a damp cloth and mild detergent, and have a HVAC professional inspect and maintain it at least on an annual basis.

If you’re too busy to get all of these things done on a regular basis, but are worried about the impact your energy habits are having on the planet, you might benefit from using a cleaning service. By having a professional team of maids come in on a weekly basis and keep all of your energy-using items clean, you can reduce your carbon footprint and even save money on your monthly energy bills.