Much like buyer personas, brand archetypes are essential to know when getting to know your clients. While personas give an ideal picture of what your audience will be, brand archetypes are the personality, tone, and voice that people will see about you. Brands that follow well-defined brand archetypes rose in value by 97% versus brands without a strong identity. 

The idea was founded by a man named Carl Jung in the 1940s. In his years of observations, he has noticed that all brands seem to fit into 12 unique archetypes. His findings have helped brands discover their identities decades later. 

Going back to the present, we have surveyed consumers about their thoughts about brand personality. 90% of respondents said that they find personalization to be the most appealing trait of a brand they observe. The same percentage says that customers want brands that are authentic and real. As the classic saying goes, people buy from people. 

A good application of utilizing brand archetypes is giving corporate gifts to loyal customers. Using a fully fleshed-out brand personality exemplifying one of the 12 archetypes is setting up a path for greater sales, developing new leads, and building brand ambassadors to extend reach further than imagined.

Choosing the right gifts for your brand archetype