5 Tips for Choosing the Right Realtor For You

Finding the right realtor is essential for making your home buying process go more smoothly. You want to find someone who understands your needs and works well with  you. Use these tried and true suggestions to find the perfect realtor who will work best for you.

1 Check with Your Family and Friends

Don’t just utilize a referral agent or industry movers and shakers. Also, check with your family and friends to get their feedback. They want your process to be as simple and lucrative as possible. Utilize their insight when and where you can. Fill them on exactly what you’re looking for, and see if they can arm you with valuable information, including a referral.

Consider taking to social media to see if people have feedback. Also, if you have your eyes on a specific neighborhood, for example, you can reach out to people who live there.

2 Look at Your Potential Realtor’s Portfolio

Look into their record of success before locking in an agreement. If you’re buying, then you probably have your mind fixed on a certain type of home. You need to make sure the realtor you’re considering has experience in finding the type of property you seek.

For those of you selling a home, you also need to look at the realtor’s performance record. Be certain they have a solid track record of locking in top-dollar offers. Also, make sure they have a good history of meeting time deadlines you might have in mind.

3 Understand Their Processes

Determine which technologies your potential realtor utilizes. Real estate inventory quickly changes, so keep that in mind. Also, remember buyers and sellers can change their preferences without much notice. You need to know for certain you will be able to constantly stay in touch with the realtor you’re possibly hiring.

If you are selling, you want to make sure they use high-quality photos and videos. Check examples of their work and ask about their processes for showcasing the unique features of your property. Also, you want to know whether or not they use mobile apps and social media.

4 Review All the Necessary Contracts

Do not sign any contracts for representation until you know every specific detail. Failure to do this can cause you to run into legal issues. You also could end up losing a great bit of money. Real estate is too important of an investment for you to take this lightly.

Pay special attention to the dates and financial parts of your contract. Also, keep home inspections in mind. Make sure you look at move-in and move-out procedures. Look for the details on any absolute fees as well as the money you might end up being accountable for at closing. Finally, rule out your realtor sending you a bill for marketing efforts on their end.

5 Follow Your Heart

If you want to choose the realtor who is perfect for you, then above all else you must stick to your guns. You have ideas as to what will work best for you. Don’t stray too far from that. Of course, you want to get advice from others, including possible referrals. But when it comes down to it, you have to follow your instinct and go with your heart.

Never feel pressured to work with a realtor. Even if you have family and friends encouraging you, it’s important to pick the right professional suited for your needs. Only lock-in services with someone who matches your musts.

Don’t Forget These Suggestions

Make sure you remember these five tips. When you cover your basics with this advice, you can have a stress-free process. You can more easily determine the realtor who is best suited to handle your specific needs.