New Homeowners Guide to Choosing Paint Colors

When someone purchases a home, they have the freedom to decide what colors they want to use on the walls of that home. Those who have always lived in rentals might feel overwhelmed by the color options in front of them when they are about to paint their home. Before you hire house painters Sydney or purchase supplies if you are doing it yourself, you need to know exactly which paint you need. It is important for a person to know what will and will not work in a home when it comes to paint colors.

Neutrals Can be Good

There are some who go into a new home and right away think of all of the bold colors that they want to use as they paint the home. There are times when neutral paint tones are the best option, though. Neutral paint keeps a home from feeling too busy and allows a homeowner to decorate as they like. Neutral paint suits the tastes of all kinds of people and can help a home appeal to others if someone decides to sell the place without repainting it. There are different neutral paint color options available, including many shades of white, beige, cream, and gray.

Accent Walls in Beloved Colors Can Make a Space Special

When a person uses neutral paint colors in a lot of their home, they can then use more bold colors for accent walls in the home. If someone loves rose colored clothing and decor pieces and they have always dreamed of purchasing rose colored paint and using it in their home, they might pick a single wall in their new home that can be painted in that shade. Accent walls add character to a home without making the whole place too colorful.

Choose Cozy Colors for the Bedroom

Blues and grays are colors that can help a person relax and feel comfortable. The bedroom of a home should be painted in a way that will help the one who will be sleeping in it to relax. It is important for new homeowners to stick with cozy colors as they choose paint for their bedroom.

Be Aware of the Way that Paint Colors Can Darken a Room

The one who is choosing paint for their new home has to think about the number of windows that are in each room and the amount of natural light that they let in. That person also has to think about the size of a room when choosing a paint color. Small rooms can feel smaller when dark colors are used on the walls, and rooms that do not have many windows in them can feel especially dark and cave-like when the walls are painted with a dark color. New homeowners should use bright whites to help their homes feel more open, light, and airy.

Order Samples of Paint and Try Them on the Wall

When someone is considering a certain paint color for their home, they should do what they can to see how that is going to work on their walls. Simply looking at a card that shows a paint color is not good enough if someone wants to know how the paint is really going to look in their home. It can be helpful for a person to order samples of the paints that they are thinking of using and to brush them onto a part of their wall. This will help them see the paint in the room’s natural lighting and get an idea of what it would be like to have the whole wall painted that color.

Every Home Can Feature Beautiful Paint Colors

There are many colors of paint available but not all of them are going to compliment every home. Neutral shades can do a lot in a home, and they can be a part of a home for a long time without feeling old or outdated. Those who appreciate colors should consider adding an accent wall or two to their home and painting those walls in a shade that makes them happy.