The internet is absolutely bustling with information. Much of this information is public, made to be accessible, easy to access. Although much more of this information isn’t. There are government records, private information, login credentials, and much more. It is inevitable that with such a large amount of information some would be lost. And still a question remains, where?

Overwhelmingly the answer is in the United States. Between 2013 and 2020 China lost 350 million data records, India 394, Japan 114, and the United States? It lost 6.2 billion. There are multiple states that had more data breaches alone than any other nation in the world. These tend to be states with large and prominent cities within their borders. 

Another place to look is in the finance industry. While all industries experience some data breaches, finance experiences the most. This makes sense, people want money and the means to obtain it. These breaches can happen through malware and spoofing, but also glitches and poor training.
Data breaches are inevitable. They’ve been around as early as organized information has. What is important to know is where they happen and why. They can’t be avoided completely, but an individual can be more aware of when and where they may happen.

The World's Largest Data Breaches