Tom HollandIt is indeed a gentleman. 

Many days after the Spider-Man, There’s No Way Home Actor and his girlfriend Zendaya were seen having an outing in New York City, they were spotted holding hands while sightseeing in Boston, Mass. April 24,

It EuphoriaThe actress, aged 25, donned an oversize turtleneck sweater and grey pants. Tom, also 25 years old, was dressed in a T-shirt and pants with a pair Nike Air Max sneakers.

Tom and his girlfriend held hands. Tom even placed Tom’s hand in one of his pockets, to keep his girlfriend warm. 

It won’t likely be the last. Malcolm & Marie actress is seen in Boston as she is currently in the city to film her new movie ChallengersYou can also use it as a sidebar Josh O’Connor Mike Faist.

But, this weekend’s excursion was only the first in a long line of outings for the couple who made public their love last year.