Kylie Jenner Although she may be the world’s youngest selfmade billionaire, her cravings for pregnancy do not include lobster and caviar dipped into butter.

Yes, she’d like fast food and greasy foods just like everyone else. In an CelebHomes News exclusive sneak peek at The Kardashians‘ April 28 episode, we get a first look at what Kylie was hungry for while she was pregnant with her son, formerly named Wolf Webster

What’s the answer? In-N-Out Burger is the West Coast’s answer.

The clip shows Kylie, pregnant, saying while she yawning: “Im gonna get either a …,” or a coke.”

The confused Kendall JennerThe questioner asks “What have you just said?”

“I’m gonna get a coke,” Kylie—who was expecting her second child with Travis Scott at the time—responds. A Dr. Pepper.” 

Kendall replies, “Oh!” It sounded more like mumble than I heard it. 

Jenner siblings also have other treats in store, including a debate over whether they would like a single or double cheeseburger.