On Oct. 28, TMZ, citing sources with direct knowledge, reported Zayn allegedly struck Yolanda last week. The allegation was denied by the musician.    

“I adamantly denied striking Yolanda hadid,” he said to the outlet. “For the sake of my child I decline any further details. I hope Yolanda will reconsider these false allegations and move towards resolving these family issues privately.”

Zayn also appeared to address the accusation in a statement posted to Twitter

He wrote that he is a private person and that he wanted to create a safe environment for his daughter. “A place where private family matters don’t get thrown on the global stage for all to see and pick apart.” To protect her space, I agreed not to contest claims arising out of an argument I had in my home with a family member who was absent from my partner several weeks ago.

He said, “This was and should still be a private matter, but it seems for the moment there is divisiveness, and despite my efforts for restoration to a peaceful familial environment that will allow me to co-parent with my daughter in a way she deserves, this has been ‘leaked to the press. I believe there will be healing for all parties, despite the harsh words exchanged. But, more importantly I will continue to protect Khai and give Khai the privacy she deserves.