One week after Alec BaldwinRust accidentally killed and shot Rust’s cinematographer Halyna Houtchins, the film’s armourer Hannah Gutierrez-ReedHer attorneys are her advocates.

“First Hannah would love to extend her deepest sympathy to the family members and friends of Halyna,” read her statement. It also mentioned director Joel Souza‘s hospitalization. Hannah looked upto her as an inspiration woman in film. She also offered her thoughts and prayers to Joel for a speedy recovery. Hannah is completely devastated and outraged by the events.

However, she wanted to address “some falsehoods” that circulated about her, which she stated “have falsely represented her and slandered.” Her attorneys stated that Hannah’s safety is her number one priority. If live ammo was not introduced, this set would have never been compromised. Hannah does not know where the live rounds came.

“Hannah and her prop master gained control of the guns and she never saw anyone shoot live rounds with them guns and neither would she allow that,” the message continued. “They were locked up at lunch and every night, and there was no way that any of them could be missing or being shot by crew members.”