“I think coming back, I think we’re strong in knowing what our love and do creatively and have vision, personally as well as collectively, of the things we want to accomplish,” Kaneswaran, a Dublin-born member of the group, said. He released “Breathe In”, his debut solo single in 2019, in 2019. “And I think that’s strengthened over the years until it got to this point.” 

“We all knew our desires,” the 32-year old said. “We all know our feelings, and the entire period away I think humbled all of us in a way.”

Now, a greatest hits album is in the works, and so is a tour. 

However, their impressive songbook aside, McGuiness said, “I think the most important thing to know about the tour is that I’ve tried to suggest that we go vegetarian and Max was not happy about this. Nathan and Siva both support it being vegan. We are trying to be The Wanted Conscientious 2021, but Max is still there with his whole milk and beef.”

They all laughed. “At least I don’t put oat milk in my cereal,” George charged, unwittingly firing up a hot topic, with Sykes on defense (“Hey, it’s nice”) and Parker insisting “it deserves to be in the bin forever.”

George suggested that people would only pretend to like it and prefer regular milk. Sykes responded, “I wouldn’t, I’m very intolerant.”

Parker laughed, “Why doesn’t this not surprise you?” McGuiness was astonished when Sykes explained that most humans are naturally dairy intolerant. McGuiness then cracked a joke, “I mean most humans are alcohol-intolerant and it doesn’t stop anyone.” More laughter followed.