Girls may go ape-schist crazy once their ears catch the syllables of the name of the actor who plays a short-haired stud in “Vampire Diaries”. Guys may recognize him from the noteworthy football drama, “Friday Night Lights.” And, if you’re just simply a celebrity stalker, then you’d most likely be aware that Zach Roerig (Matt Donovan) filed for full custody of his 2 year old daughter last month in Georgia. He procreated with his ex, Alanna Turner, who’s been a very bad girl. Turner has been so much of a bad girl that she was just sentenced to prison for not just one crime, but various crimes. Zack is also asking for child support. Nice change of pace for the humble man. We hope that you get what you want and deserve, Mr. Roerig!

In the meantime, he has just purchased a colonial-style home in Atlanta for $455,000. It’s two stories of Hollywood subtleness. One would potentially not think that a TV show star inhabits this place, except for maybe the neighbor. The front and sides are covered with a good amount of vegetation and trees. but not to the point where Zack and his little girl are unable to penetrate the premises. The front portion of the house unveils roughly half of the top floor and bottom. A narrow, yet lengthy bottom front porch will be visible to the naked eye. Site is equipped with a long driveway, which hugs the left side of the house.

Zack and visitors would be greeted with a neat little pathway containing decorative green bushes on its right side as they make their way up the stairs to the front door. Entrants would be welcomed by 3,044 sq ft of living space. Floor plan consists of mostly a variety of dark and light hard wood. The bathroom contains bright tile flooring. Kitchen is furnished with a microwave, oven, double-bowl stainless steel sink, and a refridgerator with freezer storage bin. Lets not also leave out the island-style table. Kitchen cabinets are of rich chocolate-colored wood. Makes Willy Wonka want to scratch and sniff!

Moving onward to the walk-in closet. Shame that any of the True Blood vamps didn’t snag the house. They’d buy it just for the walk-in closet! The walk-in closet has adequate room for sleeping arrangements. One of the bathrooms conveniently contains a shower and bath tub. Casa de Roerig (I know, doesn’t sound like it quite works) simply shouts “I’m ready to raise and have a family.” Roerig actually bought the square footage with his daughter in mind, and the furnishings that go along with the price. Kidding aside, Zack Roerig truely did grab the home for his daughter, himself, and perhaps his future love. He must be doing well for himself overall to have the mindset of being a loving responsible father and buying a nice subtle family home. Zack is reprising his role as Matt Donovan in “Vampire Diaries” this October.

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