If you’ve been thinking for quite a while about making some changes to your kitchen, you probably know that a complex element for renovation will be the cabinets. Cabinets often are intricate to build and design, requiring many specialized tools. Redoing your cabinets during your kitchen renovations is sure to be the most difficult part of the task. Or so you thought.

If you don’t plan on making large layout changes or structural changes to your kitchen, you should consider the option of replacing only the cabinet doors and drawers and leaving the interior storage space as is. This process, known as cabinet refacing, is a cheaper, faster and less complex alternative to getting entirely new custom cabinetry. It is a very smart move to take when you want to bring some positive change into your kitchen.
The interior box of the cabinet is almost always hidden from view, behind the cabinet door, and then again behind the contents of the cupboard. Should you be content with the storage space provided by your current cabinet boxes, then refacing is for you.

But how to choose the best style when going for refacing your cabinets?

It is not easy to choose from endless styles, colors, and types, and reading the tips below will definitely help you on the way to choosing the right style for your kitchen cabinets.

  • Door styles for Kitchen Cabinets

There are different styles for every taste. Take a look at your existing cabinets and see what you want to change. Would you like to change the classic look of your cabinets for a more modern or minimalist look? Detailing on the cabinet door faces can come in a variety of designs to match any aesthetic. Cabinet faces that are minimal in styling are also typically easier to clean once you are finally rid of those beading and raised panels. Also keep in mind that details are harder to be created and tend to have higher prices.

  • Framed vs Unframed Style

Kitchen cabinets are appearing in many framed and unframed styles. Framed cabinets give a more traditional look to the kitchen since a large number of North American homes have cabinets of this style in them already. In these styles of cabinets, the door is attached to the cabinet box with spacing around it that creates a visual frame around the opening of the door and adding dimension to the cabinet.

On the other side, there are unframed cabinets, appearing as more modern European in style. The face frame is not visible, the cabinets are sized and spaced in a way that when the door is attached to the cabinet box, there is no gap between the doors when closed.

  • Evaluate different finishes

If the material of the cabinets is solid wood, then you have two options, leaving the wood in its natural state or going for a color selection, like subtle shades or more strong or vibrant colors. It all depends on your taste and the colors you enjoy in your kitchen. Other décor finishes you can include are the glazing, torching, or distressing forms.

Think about your lifestyle and how you use your kitchen as it comes to taking care of the cabinets and cleaning. Some cabinet styles and finishes can hide dirt, dust, or grime and that might add some extra points when you consider they’ll require less frequent cleaning to look well kept.

  • Don’t forget the hardware

The finishing touch when choosing your cabinets goes to hardware pieces connecting the cabinet box and its door. More and more different types of hardware are becoming available on the market each day, allowing you to follow the latest trends even for the opening mechanisms. Even though the classic cabinets hinges are never out of style, you might want to choose hardware that includes the push-and-open technique. This goes perfectly with the style of hardware free cabinets in which there is no handle or pull.
Beyond push to open, there’s also soft close cabinet hinges and more. 

No matter what style your eye catches, it’s not important to see more than just the aesthetic side, but its functionality and quality as well.

And if you want to save more money and time, leave the kitchen cabinet refacing process in the experts hands and enjoy your new kitchen when it’s all done.