Elijah Wood must’ve been “Baggin” a lot of dinero as of late, knowing that he still has “Wilfred” to show for. He’s even still working with Peter Jackson on the upcoming Hobbit sequels. Frodo’s also going to amusingly be in a film titled “Cooties.” Don’t ask why. Celebrities gotta eat. More like “celebrities gotta buy estates!” In speaking of which, Elijah just snagged a historic 1890 Victorian mansion in the Lone Star state for $1 million flat. It’s reported that Frodo’s been fixated on Texan property for a considerable amount of time. In fact, he fled back and forth to Texas numerous times. Must be that Texas garlic toast, steak, and pints!

Or perhaps the revitalized 3,285 sq ft home somehow reminds him of his “Wilfred” prop home. Nonetheless, the house is a site to see upon gazing at it. You can peer through the well-maintained shell and grasp the historical value behind the two-story mound of architecture. While your eyes are glued to the well-kept exterior, you may want to look alittle downward and notice that the entire premises is enclosed beautifully with white fencing. You may also notice that there’s a simple and lovely front porch, complete with two rocking chairs and a ceiling fan. Both chairs contain one complimentary padding each to support pain in the arses received by other people…………..or simply provide comfort.

Elijah and guests would first be greeted by a perfect amount of foliage. It’s not too much, yet not too little. It’s just the right amount to not cover up the awe-inspiring exterior and serve as adequate outdoor decor. The Hobbit’s hobbit-hole-on-steroids weighs in substantially at 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 dining rooms, and 3 living rooms. Wowoweewa (Borat voice)! There’s even a guest house on site! Un-be-lievable. Let’s just start off with the rooms themselves. Every room is equipped with glass windows and ceiling fan fixtures to provide a sufficient amount of comfort for those hot nights. On the third floor (comeon, you concluded that there’s a third floor), you’ll find a large triangle-shaped window overlooking bunches of trees that are ready to model for a major painting project.

One of the bathrooms upstairs has an old-fashioned porcelain tub. On the bottom level is one of the living rooms that’s perfect for reading a book or watching some TV with a nice glass of red or white wine. Mr. Wood can choose to eat at a simple, yet complex dining area or a succulent breakfast room. And a lavishing flight of stairs, oh my! Kitchen is fully furnished with a double-door refridgerator containing a freezer storage bin, oven, and a restaurant-style vent. Floor plan consists of black/white marble and pine wood. Finally, we reach the backside of the house, which also has a porch. The back porch comes equipped with seating arrangements and a ceiling fan. The backyard is especially treated to a rectangular plot of grass. Elijah Wood, for bagging this casa and its offerings for $1 million, I tip my hat to you. Now excuse me while I pack my things and move in with you in Austin, TX.

Address: Unknown