T = Troy Non, it’s T!

Zac EfronRecently, I took a visit back to East High School. In a Instagram post, the actor captured a stop at the famous location that served as the backdrop for the film. High School Musical franchise. You may not have seen it, but Zac was only 18 when Troy Bolton starred in the movie.

Snap posted July 22 shows the actor posing with a fist raised in the air in front of the school. As if we didn’t have enough nostalgia, Zac referenced The Breakfast Club in his caption, which read, “Don’t you… Forget about me.”

Troy, a.k.a. The legendary basketball-singing prodigy, would never be forgotten. But, in case you need a refresher, Zac’s character is the captain of the basketball team in the 2006 Disney Channel original movie High School Musical. The series follows Troy’s journey as he falls for the new girl in school Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens). He reprised his role in High School Musical 2.The final installment was released in 2008. High School Musical 3: Senior year.