Grey Sloan Memorial’s teaching programs are back in operation.

In the season 18 finale of Grey’s AnatomyAfter being told that it needed to revamp its teaching programs, the hospital had to fire its doctors. But don’t worry—there are new residents in town.

The Sexual Lives of College Girl actress Midori Francis will join formerly announced stars Niko TerhoAnd Alexis FloydCelebHomes News has confirmed this. Midori will play Mika Yasuda, a middle child with eight siblings. According to the description of Midori’s character, “She has a tendency to be overlooked and undervalued and makes use of it to her benefit.” Mika has overwhelming student loans to pay for medical school. However, she is resilient and believes she can succeed in this program.

These residents seem to have a lot of family problems. Niko’s Lucas Adams, Niko’s black sheep is described as the head of the family while Alexis Griffin’s family dynamics are complicated.