Master PHis family’s grief is used to benefit others.  

The rapper (52 years old) appeared on July 22. CBS Mornings for his first interview since his daughter Tytyana MillerMay was the year that an accidental drug overdose caused her death. 

“It’s hard. He said that he was poor and thought he would live to see his children grow up. Gayle King. “I felt like I was going to my own funeral when I attended my daughter’s funeral.”

Master P—who shares seven children with ex-wife Sonya C, and two other children from previous relationships—said he found out about Tytyana’s death from one of his other daughters, saying that it was the “worst call that a parent can get.”

His words were shared by him: “My condolences go out for everyone who lost a child.” “I stated, “I am gonna make my pain my passion and my purpose. Because I can’t get back my daughter,” She is my best friend and I think of her often every day. It was hard for me and my family, as well, to endure what I can’t help but to remember. But I know that it is time to do something to save others kids.