You can enter the time warp Quantum LeapThe future is here!

You’ll feel transported back to 1989 when the reboot of Sci-Fi series is coming to your small screen. It was thirty years ago that the hit NBC series “The Originals” was broadcast. Scott Bakula Sam Beckett was a physicist who finds himself in a time loop. Beckett was seen stepping into the Quantum Leap accelerator, and then vanished. The series describes that a “new team” has been formed in order to resume the project, with the hope of unraveling the secrets behind the Quantum Leap accelerator and the man who made it.

On May 6, NBC released a first look at the upcoming with Raymond Lee-led series. A clip of Lee, a man with a grimy face and wearing a taupe coat that appears to have dirt on it shows him. 

It was first announced that the reboot—written executive produced by Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt—had been ordered for a pilot back in January.