This trailer will make you want to watch the entire series immediately!

Freeform’s newest series. Single Drunk FemaleWe are excited for the premiere of, which airs on Jan. 20, and will be available to watch. This dramedy stars Sofia Black-D’Elia,Ally Sheedy, Rebecca HendersonThe film follows Samantha Fink, a twenty-something alcoholic who is forced to return home to Boston with her mother Carol (Sheedy) in an attempt to get sober and stay out of jail. CelebHomes has a exclusive clip that gives us a glimpse at the future of CelebHomes. Simone Finch-created series. 

“What brought you here today?” Samantha was asked the question during an AA meeting. Samantha replies: “Public Intoxication, Destruction of Personal Property, Nearly Blinding My Coworker. This is awesome!” 

“Hello, SmotherAs she gets in her car, she exclaims “Yes,” before she grabs the keys to her mom’s. 

Carol responds to Samantha’s attitude unfazed.

Yes, Mother. It’s AllSamantha laughs and replies, “About you?” “But yeah, basically.”