He said that he didn’t believe there had been any cheating. It was clearly emotionally for this to occur as quick as it did. To some extent, it was foolish and stupid of me to allow this to happen. But I’m not sure if that was just me. Could she have been emotionally cheating in some ways because I was unable to offer words of affirmation? This is something that I am aware I struggle with at times. It’s just that I have many questions and I want to know why. I don’t know why it changed so fast into a new partnership.

Blake said, “I didn’t know this was coming. You know.”

Katie posted an Instagram video on the subject, which she shared with her followers, Dec. 17. “Here’s what people often forget. We’re normal people just trying to lead normal lives. Have you ever been forced to let your ex know that you are seeing a new person? Katie said. Katie said. Would I have received the exact same level of hatred even if Blake had warned me? It’s hard to say.