His split with his wife was announced Meagan Good, DeVon Franklin is sharing his thoughts on the year ahead.
An emotional photo of the author, which he shared to Instagram, was posted on New Year’s Day by the author. He captioned his Jan. 1 photo, “I took that picture a while back.” “I took this photo in an instant of deep pain and joy. I am not a great crier.” This picture captures the best of what I feel.

He said, “I shared this with you because I believe it’s the best way to begin this year.” “So often I’ve come into a new year with all the things I hope to do better and I would carry around this feeling of ‘I didn’t do enough last year’ or ‘I’m not enough so I must do…more.’ I’m breaking my addiction to the ‘new’ and working on being fully committed to what’s ‘true.'”