We have style tips for you, so grab some cannolis and get settled in. This is the Offer to share.

CelebHomes News interviews costume designer. Amy StofskyParamount+, a dramatized retelling about the making of of television series was created by dished. The Godfather. Amy explained that it was not an easy task, since the show is based on real people.

From creating costumes from scratch to finding perfect duplicates to recreate iconic scenes, there was plenty for Amy and the design team to undertake when building the world of This is the Offer. However, I am a self-described fan Francis Ford CoppolaAmy was thrilled with the outcome of’s smash crime drama.

CelebHomes News exclusively revealed that she has been following the series as well. “But most of the times, I don’t get on the set.”

Amy even reached out to producers to let them know how much she enjoys the series. Same, Amy. Same.