Maddie said that she believes in the power of love. Dance MomsAccording to Abby, we were also not permitted to observe our rivals or make friends with them. Abby said that she did indeed tell her students not to observe their competitors dancing, in a bid to avoid psyching themselves out, giving themselves “false hope” or becoming fearful about performing. But she denied telling them to avoid being friends with anyone. 

He was also the director of the dance studio and helped to train. JoJo Siwa, clarified her intentions in her video. “I was fighting to make these kids the best on TV,” she stated. “I was feeling the pressure to win. I was out there on television.”

Abby added, “I was risking my studio and the reputation and all the kids that came before those kids you know [on Dance Moms]. Many great kids came before them. There have been many more. Right now I’m competing with some superstars. They always win. No. Are they my favourite team? Yes. Are they willing to win? Yes. They are in my thoughts and prayers.

She also highlighted Maddie’s “amazingness” in her YouTube video CosmopolitanCover shows Abby in a Scarlet Carolina Herrera Tule Dress with Blushing Floral Accents. “Red,” Abby said. Red is good for every child, whether it’s for costumes or for the stage. “Red is the best color!”

CelebHomes News reached out to Maddie for comments, but have not heard back.