Don’t be discouraged, there are more 1883 on the horizon.

Hit Yellowstone spin-off will expand on its story for a Paramount+ limited series called 1883: The Bass Reeves Story—but there’s a catch. Although the program is entertaining, there are some limitations. 1883It will have a moniker that tells a different story to season one. So don’t be too optimistic about what you might see. 1883Season one stars Tim McGraw, Faith HillOder Sam Elliott.

Nominated Academy Award winners will be the stars of this new series David OyelowoAccording to streamer, Reeves is “a legendary lawman in the Wild West,” Reeves is considered the most important frontier hero of American history and the source of inspiration for The Lone Ranger. Reeves was a post-Reconstruction federal peace officer in Indian Territory. He captured over 3,000 criminals and never suffered any injuries.

1883: The Bass Reeves StoryWill be produced with co-executive Yellowstone 1883Creator Taylor Sheridan, Who always referred to the fact that 1883It might be something that is only available for a single season.