“We all deserve a free life, unburdened from the socially constructed identity. We all deserve to learn self-hatred and abuse. This is the journey I am currently on.

In the caption of her post, Dove went further into feelings of “depression & dysphoria,” writing that “for me, identity and the self have always been diametrically opposed, and there has only ever been room for one at a time to occupy my life.”

She said that she feels pulled towards “no identity at all” quite often. She’s learned that this isn’t the case. The “Boyfriend”, singer said, “The longer i live, the more i see these inner dialogs are really pretty universal.”

Also including a photo of herself tearfully laughing in the mirror, Dove wrote that she is “beginning to have a hope” that her fame and social media platform (which has been so “difficult” for her to embrace) “can actually be the conduit to gorgeous change and mutual support, exploration and safety.”

“Maybe the places that are least human can be made the most human if they want it,” she said. “And maybe we all can take up some space.”