Wolfgang Van HalenHe doesn’t wish to view a recreation of his deceased father Eddie Van HalenThe final days of his life. He does not want anyone to end his life. 

On June 1, the 31-year-old musician slammed the Reelz Channel for its plans to feature the late Van Halen guitarist—who died of cancer in 2020—on its show Autopsy: The Last Hours of… The series features a medical examiner who takes viewers through the last days of the star to examine in depth what caused their death. 

“F–k @ReelzChannel, f–k everyone that works on this show, and f–k you if you watch it,” Wolfgang tweeted. It’s disgusting to try and glorify someone’s cancer death. It’s heartless and deplorable.

Wolfgang’s mother, Eddie’s exwife Valerie Bertinelli, responded to her son’s tweet, “Good Christ this is disgusting.”

CelebHomes News was informed by a spokesperson for Reelz that the network investigates the death of celebrity celebrities and that it receives feedback from viewers. This includes comments from doctors who are impressed with its scientific accuracy as well as fans who say that the series provides closure. Many also gain valuable perspective on health problems that may not have been given attention to.