Chace Crawford Although he may get resentful, he actually loves the experience.

Crawford is The Deep, the fish hero in Prime Video. The Boys. His character, like the others in the show, hilariously parodies a well-known and beloved DC Comics superhero: Aquaman. There are other parallels hereThe BoysA-Train, who looks like Wonder Woman and Queen Maeve in the Suppe Universe.

But a recent interview, the actor revealed that not Everybody is a big fan of his imitation—including DC comics fans.

“Occasionally on Instagram I’ll get a ‘F––k you, fish guy. “Do you think that it is funny to poke fun at Aquaman?” Crawford saidGQ. “I’m like, ‘perfect. This is exactly what I want.

The same interview Karen FukuharaKimiko Miyashiro is portrayed by Alicia.

The series Parodied is one example. Kendell JennerPepsi’s 2017 ad. “I laughed so hard,” Fukuhara said. Fukuhara said, “I cannot believe that we were able…”