Another celeb Nick messaged about appearing on his podcast? Pretty Little LiarsAshely Benjaminson. She was, I thought, a Bachelor“I am a fan,” he said. “And I wasn’t expecting her to reply, but she left me on seen, so I was like, ‘That’s such a tease.’ Ashely would be delighted to welcome you on my podcast.

Nick says that people should not be afraid to use their imaginations when it comes to DM tips. He stated that voice memo notes are a unique and creative way to get into someone’s DMs.

However, he recommends AgainstSend a DM an ex. Never let an ex slide. Are you still in a relationship? That’s all fine.” he replied. It’s quite a different between an ex-partner and someone that you had a casual relationship with with mutual expectations. It doesn’t matter if your ex and you both are on a cold streak. You can warm up each other and let it slide.

You can see more Nick’s DM tips in the video below.

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