It is a Mac-lovin’ fest on the MacGruber set!

The cast of the new Peacock series, premiering tomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 16, exclusively dished on the immediate chemistry while filming…especially thanks to lead star Will ForteThe dedication of’s to total frontal nudity. 

“[It’s]Something that is part of the territory,” Forte joked at CelebHomes News. Evening Pop on Dec. 14. You’re in the running for this if you have a body like that. People MagazineThe “Sexiest” stuff.

Forte stated, “I have quite a bit of hair.” You will be able to see the results if you look at the series. 

Even co-stars Kristen Wiig And Ryan Phillippe Phillippe savored Forte’s funny antics, and admitted that he could not contain his laughter when Phillippe was on-set Saturday Night Live Veteran went against their will. 

“When [Forte]Oder [Wiig]You can improvise, and that’s the thing you should prepare for. The range of ideas that might be put out by them is a challenge. [not to break character]Phillippe stated. There hasn’t been any show lately that is so outlandish and pushing the boundaries of the rules as this.