This looks as if it will all be honky tory.

Kathy Hilton will return to the Beverly Hills Real Housewives and we cannot wait. On Dec. 15, CelebHomes News confirmed with a source that the popular reality show will welcome back the fan favorite for season 12. 

TMZ reported on Dec. 14 that Kathy would be back in front of cameras after allegedly holding out for more money during contract negotiations. The negotiations took many weeks and both producers and star Kathy were able to reach an agreement which will allow her to continue making regular appearances on the program.

The socialite mother of ParisAnd Nicky Hilton has had a busy year creating pop icon catchphrases as well as planning Paris’ wedding and making appearances on two other shows: Netflix’sParis: Cooking with Paris Peacock’s Paris in Love

“The reason I’m not back yet is I’ve just been doing a wedding,” Kathy exclusively told CelebHomes News on Tuesday, Nov. 23, referring to Paris’ three-day nuptials. Although speculations are common, I don’t know the truth. But, everyone speculates.