Below deckStar Heather ChaseApologies were issued by the network for using a racial slur during the broadcast.

On Monday’s episode of the Bravo reality series, the chief stewardess, who is white, said the N-word twice, both times in front of co-star and deckhand Rayna LindsayBlack, is it?

Chase posted on Instagram, “I’m sorry Rayna for any hurt I caused by my ignorance in tonight’s episode.” Although I did apologize to Rayna at times throughout the season I can’t express my deep regret. My Chief Stewardess role is to ensure that the crew has a comfortable and safe place. I failed in this responsibility. Since this episode was taped nine months ago, I have seen how my actions and words can impact others. I pledge to make it better in the coming years.

Chase uses the term in two different instances during the episode. Chase first used the term while out with crew members. Chase then repeated the expression. Chase was later joined by Chase, a fellow castmate. Jake Foulger were rapping with censored expletives while drinking beer. Lindsey, standing nearby, tells her, “You cannot say [N-word]You’re as white as a snowflake [expletive]”Adding, “That’s cancelculture. You should be cautious when using the N word. You’ll be canceled so quickly.”