The Flight AttendantYou might be getting ready for landing. 

The second season came to an end on May 26th. Kaley Cuoco says it may have been the series finale. In a recent interview, Cuoco, who stars as the titular character and serves as an executive producer, revealed that she isn’t planning on doing a third season. 

I was like “Well, we did two.” She said, “We should probably have done that.” People.

And while she said “there’s definitely interest in doing a third season” for others, that’s not the case for her “at this moment.”

But it’s not AllAll hope seems lost. While Cuoco noted that she “could possibly get back in it,” she will “need a minute.” 

It’s almost like they just finished,” she said. Some of my favorites shows take a while to get back on television, then I start getting excited about the new season. “I want the fans to be excited, and not push it too much.”