Shakira‘s kids are ready for anything.

Chatting with CelebHomes News Daily PopAbout her most recent gig at NBC Dancing With Myself, the Award–winning singer revealed that her sons—Milan9. Sasha Piqué Mebarak, 7—share a lot of her creative interests.

She said that they are interested in music. They play keyboards and a bit of drums. But I have no idea how many dancers they will be. Although the little guy claims he can dance, it’s not clear. These are very young children.

While they may not be professional dancers (yet), they certainly possess their mother’s incredible rhythm, as evidenced by an adorable video Shakira shared on Instagram of them last summer.

She said, “I don’t often post with my boys but once, we were dancing in the livingroom and I thought their dance moves were adorable.” “I couldn’t help. “I had to share it.”