You might be hesitant about purchasing this steamer. Here are some 5-star Amazon reviews written by fans.

One customer shared that she uses the product about once every week. My skin has noticed improvements in texture, warmth, and radiance. A product this good is not expensive, and the tool kit that comes with it is great! It’s a product I will buy again.

Another person commented, “I love it!” This was my best buy last year. It’s been used three times, once for a facial, the other two being to vaporize my cold. It’s amazing. They are also an added bonus.”

Happy customer stated, “This product is well worth it. First of all, it’s a humidifier. That alone is something people would pay money for.” This is a great product for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin and acne. This product has helped my niece with her acne. This tool is amazing. You will love the warmth that comes out of your skin when you use this facial tool. Although I don’t yet have the warm towel, I know that I will. Overall …. A good investment.

Amazon’s shopper stated, “I love the Nano Steamer!” It produces a lot of steam which opens my pores and allows for quick blackhead/whitehead removal. The steamer I used was not hot enough and it did not produce any steam. It does what the Nano Steamer says it will! This Nano Steamer is almost like having your own mini sauna.

It works so well. It works great when I wrap a towel around my head. The height of the design is what I love. Other steamers that I’ve used were too small. A customer reviewed that she also loves the warm towel feature, which was innovative and practical. 

Reviewers wrote that “DON’T DELAY-NANO STEAMER TODAY” and added, “I have a newfound obsession with pores.” Why? This nano-steamer beats all steamers as its vast area of steam output covers ear to ear — forehead to chin for a full coverage and effortless clean. Without nano-steaming, no facial cleanser or serum, or clay mask will produce the best results. Steam must be used to open pores. After steaming, cleanse, mask and exfoliate your skin. These NANOSTEAMER DELIVERS are also available. Although I’m a steamer addict, this steamer is my favorite because it has the same quality as other steamers and was designed by a dedicated steamer.

One satisfied customer stated, “This steamer is great!” This steamer really helps open pores. The steam is strong and I love it. Just make sure to keep your face away. While most people don’t like steaming their faces, I prefer to clean my skin before steaming. After steaming my face, I then use a blackhead extraction tool to clean my pores. I then apply a mask, serum and moisturizer. Although it may sound like too much work, it’s well worth it. My skin is more even and brighter. “I highly recommend this product!”