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It is not socially acceptable to own more than one Sherpa Jacket in your closet. CelebHomes employees feel strongly about the matter. 

It seems that almost every big fashion label has taken the Sherpa train. However, not all jackets are made equally. G.I.L.I. is the best place to start if you are looking for a jacket that will make you wonder if you ever got out of bed.’s Lounger Regular Oversized Sherpa Hoodie, a.k.a. the true star of our staff Zoom meetings, designed by Jill Martin

One buyer commented, “The jacket feels so soft I don’t want it to come off.” It was freezing outside, but this jacket was warm enough to weather it. 

CelebHomes caught up to Jill for a chat about her design process for the Sherpa hoodie, as well her advice for designing a wardrobe she loves.