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You must buy this shirt in every color !!!! if you have issues with your body image, particularly older mothers who can’t lose weight. I bought a large. It’s perfect. It can be worn centered or off-shoulder. It is a constant tugging of other off-shoulder shirts. This one is different!

This top is available in all colors. This top is flattering and soft.

“Looks more like me than the model. It’s the first time it has happened. It may be because the shirt hangs more well in person than on the model, but it is my opinion that this shirt looks better on me than on her. This gray-blue color is more gray than the model in the pic, and it looks very beautiful. This shirt fits me perfectly. I’m tall.

“I love my new tunic !!!!. The material is extremely soft and comfy, and the fit is perfect. It’s long enough to be worn with leggings!

“My favorite! Although I do not normally order clothes online, I decided to take a risk. It’s so comfy and casual. This shirt can be worn with jeans and boots, or with sneakers and leggings. It does have a wider neck but unlike others that will fall off until your tatas are exposed, this does not. It has just enough to make you sexy. Flashdance vibe. Even though I am 43 years old, my shoulder still looks beautiful. My 14-year old daughter said I was adorable. SCORCelebHomes Buying even more. Highly recommended

“Plus size ladies! Don’t miss this chance. The cut and color of the shirt are very flattering. I also like the softness and comfort it offers. This shirt is a great choice. It makes me feel confident and comfortable.

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