Tom Brady will temporarily leave the NFL.

After the NFL quarterback missed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ practice on Aug. 11, coach Todd Bowles addressed Brady’s training camp absence while speaking to reporters. 

“Tom was excused today. He’ll be taking—he’ll be back somewhere around after Tennessee,” Bowles said, per NBC Sports, referring to the team’s second preseason game on Aug. 20. He will deal with personal issues.”

“This is what we talked about prior to training camp starting,” he said. He said, “We gave this time to him because he wanted to make chemistry with them and to go through training camp for two weeks. But he knew he wouldn’t be able to play in the first two. He did not want to lose reps. Blaine [Gabbert]And Kyle [Trask]Not only ‘Griff,’ [Ryan Griffin]As far as the next two games. He must learn to deal with it.”