Ashton KutcherYou may have to purchase bandages to cover a surprise area of his body.

On Aug. 12, during a public appearance Jimmy Kimmel LiveThe This 70’s Show alum shared that his nipples started bleeding while he was participating in a 17-mile training run to prepare for the New York City Marathon.

“My nipple started bleeding. It’s like, “Is it happening right now?” To guest host, he shared the following: David Alan GrierAshton received a pair from a gold metallic nipple bracelet donor, My legs were perfectly fine but my nipples lit up. This is no joke man.

Though Ashton—who recently opened up about enduring another medical condition—seemed surprised by his injury, runner’s nipple—which happens when your shirt continues to rub against your skin—is very common for those who go on longer runs. You can use tape or bandages to protect your skin from the nipples of runners. 

Ashton however is not going to let bleeding nipples keep him from running for a worthy cause.