With Zulay it was seven weeks in, just a few months after she and Kevin decided the coronavirus pandemic, and the subsequent shutdown of their shared industry, actually provided the perfect time to start building their family. I was like “Okay, everything’s down. Studios are down. The agencies are also down. “This is our time,” she said. As you can see it was not the plan.

Instead, as she dealt with the physical pain of her loss (“You don’t have a miscarriage one day and it just goes away, even physically. You’re in this thing for a long time where your body has to heal”) the inner turmoil just about destroyed her. The woman shared, “You feel ashamed. You feel like my body could not do it.” Is Loving You Wrong actress. 

She continued, “I can remember thinking of all the reasons and really microanalyzing every thing I did.” It was like, “I drove home late at night and ran over the pothole.”

She also blamed her family for not letting her go to her mother’s house on that evening. “There’s just so much emptiness and shame and anger that you have toward yourself,” she explained. I was mad at my doctor. I just lashed out at everyone for a little bit, including my own family. It was like “Why didn’t you guys let me do this?”