Jared PadaleckiWe are on the right track to recovery.

This news was announced days after it first broke. Walker star had been in a bad car accident, the 39-year-old gave fans an update on the current status of his health. 

“Hey y’all! I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of love,” he captioned an April 26 Instagram selfie of himself with his daughter Odette. “I feel fine and hope to be back filming soon. It’s been a blessing to be in the company of people I love and receive the very best medical care. I am so grateful to everyone.

This week was earlier. Jensen AcklesHis news was that he had been Supernatural co-star Jared was missing from the CW show’s week-long convention in New Jersey because he’s been recovering after being in a “bad” car accident. 

Jensen could not provide any details about the exact date and time of the crash, but did confirm that Jared wasn’t driving the car at the time it occurred. He also shared with us that Jared was “not driving the car, he just happened to be in the passenger side” when the crash took place.